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The first half of 2021 has been focussed on research and piloting our first workshops. Between April and May with the help of our Crowdfunding money we:

  • conducted 9 interviews with teachers, parents and youth workers

  • ran 5 focus groups with 30 schoolchildren

  • facilitated 5 workshops with 49 children across 2 schools in West Yorkshire which covered wellbeing, communication and friendship with a Monkey Forest theme

  • distributed 2 questionnaires

  • created 3 placements for local students

  • offered a live brief to a further 4 students to participate in as part of their Masters Degree

  • purchased 2 tablets and 10 sets of VR headsets and phones

Our full report, written by Ellie Craig, covering interviews and focus groups is available to download here

Phase 2 Timeline

Website Timeline-2.png

Advice from 8-10 year olds

Improve your Mental Wellbeing by…


Sharing feelings

Find someone who makes you happy


Looking out for yourself

Doing the things that make you happy

To be a good friend you need to…

Understand the person and make sure you listen

Be kind, caring and helpful

Listen, help them, play with them


Being a Community Interest Company means all the money raised will go straight into making this service live and will be used to better our community.

Working with technology is expensive, and to create a sustainable and ethical organisation we needed to purchase a number of items to run peer sessions and gain feedback. The great thing is, we only need a small amount of kit to get started, so now we've reached our target we can continue this service for up to a year and still support many children and young people!

10% of the total raised was donated to Leeds Children's Hospital through Leeds Cares to help during COVID-19.

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