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1 year on

It's been 1 year since we successfully raised the funds to run a pilot of our service and what a year it's been. I think it's safe to say the year wasn't anything like we predicted with more lockdowns, unexpected weather and more DIY than anyone thought they were capable of.

Despite all the adversity INC keep going and ran the pilot that was proposed in spring this year, a few months later than expected, but safer than if we went ahead in September. Here’s a breakdown of what we’ve been up to over the past few months.

  • Conducted 9 interviews with teachers, parents and youth workers

  • Ran 5 focus groups with 30 schoolchildren

  • Facilitated 5 workshops with 49 children across 2 schools in West Yorkshire which covered wellbeing, communication and friendship with a Monkey Forest theme

  • Created 3 placements for local students

  • Offered a live brief to a further 4 students to participate in as part of their Masters Degree

  • Purchased 2 tablets and 10 sets of VR headsets and phones which will support the service long term

  • Was awarded free co-working space for a year by Wizu Workspaces as well as marketing support

  • Completed the Northern Max Accelerator

  • Joined the Investment Readiness Program with Winning Pitch

What's next?

We have pulled together the findings from the research we conducted and have made it into a digestible report available here along with updating the website with pictures and quotes from the workshops to promote the service for anyone interested.

Over the next few months their will be a further round of research with community groups to develop the content and delivery to a wider demographic before launching the business as a bespoke service in September 2021.

Thank you to the wonderful team of people who made this all happen; Ellie, Ori, Pablo, Sarah, Rowena, Beth, Holly and Reema and of course, every person who donated and supported us when this was just an idea.

Let's see what another year brings!


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