Loneliness is no longer just associated with the elderly, studies show it now affects over 10% of children in high schools, with Yorkshire and Humber being the worse hit with 29%. This means more young people are spending time alone and aren't developing friendships in a key stage of development.

We are currently focussing on developing our research to enable a service for children in a variety of situations, bringing the Yorkshire community closer to them and their families through immersive video and sound.

We support our service users by promoting open conversations with family and friends, building their confidence and relieving the

anxiety felt around getting back involved in social gatherings. Find out more by watching our Leeds Tech for Good talk.

  • Demo product

  • Content creation

Autumn 2020
  • Complete 12 sessions

  • Collect case studies

Summer 2021
Summer 2020
  • Successfully Crowdfund

  • Confirm peer groups and partnerships

Spring 2021
  • Pilot sessions begin

  • Secure 3rd year funding

After arranging local events, which she realised couldn't be enjoyed by a number of young people, Steph decided to combine her passion for helping others with the ever-growing tech industry. Qualified in Mental Health First Aid and an avid volunteer with local organisations, she set up INC360 in July 2019 to support young people in feeling socially included.

Currently funded by money raised through a successful Crowdfunder in summer of 2020, the main aim this year has been planning a pilot of the service. To make sure we're putting the users' wellbeing at the heart of what we do, we have Sophie, who is INC360's Mental Health Advisor.

You can hear more about the Crowdfunder using the link to our Youtube channel


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