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Get Involved

Support our research

Attend an interview or focus group

If you work or volunteer with children and young people, we'd love to talk to you about your experience and get your service users or students sharing their thoughts too.


Attend a new workshop

We'll be running free 1.5 hour group workshops for children aged 8-13 years old to test out new content and get feedback on what they would like to see from our service.

If you would like more information or are already sure you'd like to join us, please fill in this form and we'll be in touch

Download our poster to share it with your network

Headset Donation

We are also accepting donations of secondhand VR headsets. If you have a working headset that you would be happy to donate, please drop us an email on for our delivery address.


By filling in one of our questionnaires below, you'll help us with important research that shapes our service.

What's your experience with Anxiety?

Please fill out this 3 minute, anonymous questionnaire to help us understand support available in Yorkshire for people 16 years and older experiencing anxiety

Are you a Health Care Practitioner?

Please fill in our short, anonymous questionnaire to help us understand the process of people seeking mental health support in West Yorkshire

What do you enjoy doing in your community?

We are looking for anyone under 16 to tell us what they enjoy doing in their spare time and how they feel when approaching new situations and how they enjoy socialising

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