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Our Community Interest Company supports young people experiencing loneliness and isolation, by connecting them to community events using immersive video.

I think this is a commendable service which can help young people at an early stage in their lives and prevent or at least limit further problems arising in adulthood.


Having worked in young people's wellbeing for 5 years, I can see that INC360 fills a much-needed gap. The wellbeing/charitable/caregiving sector is desperately behind in its uptake of new technologies and embracing digital transformation. Here you have two experts from the tech sector utilising VR to improve children's social and mental wellbeing. Society is moving towards virtual socialisation and so INC360 is one to watch and get your support behind!


It's rare to see a new project/business that just makes sense within seconds. That makes you think 'how on earth does this not exist already.' I think this is one of those projects. So, I hope it flies. Good luck now and in the future!



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